AMiA Odds and Ends

David Virtue tells us that:

I have just learned that there is a shadow gathering of AMIA leaders here in London that includes Bishop Chuck Murphy, The Very Rev. Canon Mike Murphy, Episcopal Vicar, and former SE Asia Archbishop Moses Tay. That the Archbishop of the Congo is here might have something to do with it, as AMIA has obtained only temporary oversight from this Anglican province since leaving Rwanda.

Meanwhile, Bishop Silas Ng says today on his blog:

Today is a very important day in my life because today I made a very important decisions to join with my brother Anglican Mission bishops to be officially under the Anglican Province of Congo as a Mission Society. Our dreams come true today! God’s Kingdom will be enhanced!

2 thoughts on “AMiA Odds and Ends

  1. I think this meeting has been in view since Archbishop Henri’s letter to Chuck Murphy earlier this month. He says:

    “we agree to welcome you in our Province as you request in your petition while you move on in normalizing your position as a plausible Anglican missionary society. As to the nature and the modality of the canonical power transfer, all this will be discussed when we meet in the United Kingdom along with other bishops from the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo who will be in attendance.”

    Entire letter at

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